Nature-Powered Sport is the product division of Moto Athletic and home of the online Moto Shop. 


allie bendus, BA jd.

Allie is the Fouder & Coach at Moto Athletic - a training, research and development company helping athletes maximize potential and achieve their goals from amateur to the pros in the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL and more.

Her love of nature began as a small kid growing up in Wasaga Beach Ontario and something she started researching extensively when it became essential to recovery in her own health journey.

In learning how powerful it was on the body and mind she quickly realized its value in the context of sports and began integrating it into athlete/team programs strategically to improve health and performance throughout the year. 


After seeing such incredible results a bigger vision emerged to create new functional products combining the power of nature with the science of sport that could be used in day to day routines to improve health and performance.

After months of R&D, formulating and being put to the test by some of the top athletes, coaches, and therapists in the pros - her first line of products the Sport Scents essential oil synergy blends were ready to go!

In launching the Nature-Powered Sport platform as the home of the online Moto Shop she is excited to continue and strive towards creating the best possible products to empower others through nature and the essential role has in our daily lives.