Combining the power of nature with the science of sport we strive to create the best natural solutions for health and performance that can easily and effectively be integrated into daily routines at home, training facilities or while traveling on the road throughout the year.

Used by top athletes, teams and training staff in the NHL, NBA, MLB and more - we are excited to continue to grow our line of products and grateful for the opportunity to support others in achieving their goals.

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“As a sports performance specialist in professional sports, my physical and mental demands are very high. The synergy roll on series aids in my ability to learn and, more importantly, to recover and sleep, especially when sleep comes at a premium while travelling with the team. I recommend these products to anyone interested in obtaining a little bit of an edge over their competition.”

Director of Sports Performance, Calgary Flames NHL

"The sport scents synergy blends are a great tool to help athletes and teams learn, perform and recover more effectively throughout the year. These all natural and sport focused products can be easily integrated into daily routines while training or on the road.”

Director of Sport Science & Performance, Montreal Canadiens NHL

“I really like the synergy rollons, particularly the perform and recover versions. I feel more awake and alert on the mornings I use perform rollon, and have an easier time falling asleep when I use the recover rollons. I recommend them for both athletes and non-athletes.”

Development Coach, Carolina Hurricanes NHL

“I definitely notice a state shift when I use the rollers. I recommend using them if you are looking to boost performance and improve sleep.” 

Strength & Conditioning Coach NHL

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