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As Founder and Coach at Moto Athletic, Allie has spent over a decade working with top athletes and teams in the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL and more. Specializing in mind-body performance, she began integrating nature into athletes' programs after experiencing its profound benefits in her own life and learning about its essential role in daily health and performance through extensive research.

In seeing such strong results she was determined to find more ways to leverage the power of nature to help athletes stay healthy and perform their best throughout the year. Looking around at the body care products being used everyday she quickly realized they needed a major upgrade!

With passion and purpose using her background in sport science, nature integration, time in the gym training athletes, and understanding the day-to-day demands - the R&D process got started in the Moto Lab and her mission to create game-changing natural solutions for improved health and performance was officially underway.

With a dedicated approach to creating from a foundation of science, nature, and sport - she is excited to launch Moto Athletic Products and the opportunity to further support athletes in their goals and dreams.